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Patient Advocacy Workshop

Brock Greene of Oligo Nation at the Oligodendroglioma Workshop


A key component of NCI-CONNECT is to develop partnerships with non-profit organizations whose mission is to advance the understanding and enhance the well-being of adults with selected rare central nervous system (CNS) tumors.

NCI-CONNECT aims to:  

  • Engage with patients with selected rare CNS tumors.
  • Disseminate information about clinical trials to enhance enrollment and information about treatment options.
  • Educate patients and providers.

A partner organization should: 

  • Certify it is a non-profit organization.
  • Have goals that relate to education, awareness, or support for patients with rare CNS tumors.


A partner organization will:

  • Provide its community information provided by NCI-CONNECT.
  • Link to NCI-CONNECT information from its website, newsletter, and social media accounts.
  • Share NCI-CONNECT clinical trials, publications, and educational information with its community.
  • Effectively communicate with NCI-CONNECT.
  • Be a collaborative and collegial member of the NCI-CONNECT partnership network.


NCI-CONNECT Advocacy Presentation

Nicole Willmarth of the ABTA presenting at the Medulloblastoma Workshop

  • Provide all necessary information, tools, and resources.
  • Provide access to its research and clinical experts.
  • Invite partners to its educational workshops.
  • Provide partners a NCI-CONNECT membership badge.
  • Effectively communicate with partners.
  • Be a collaborative and collegial partner.  

Current NCI-CONNECT Partners

NCI-CONNECT is proud to partner with the following non-profit brain and spine tumor organizations who are committed to raising awareness and educating patients with rare adult CNS tumors.

Ready to be our partner? 

Sign up to partner with NCI-CONNECT by downloading our partner application (pdf). Send your completed application  to

Want more information?

Contact us at or 240-760-6530.

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