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Human Cancer Models Initiative (HCMI)

The Human Cancer Models Initiative (HCMI) is an international collaboration between NCI, part of the National Institutes of Health; Cancer Research UK; Wellcome Sanger Institute; and the foundation Hubrecht Organoid Technology

The goal of HCMI is to create up to 1,000 patient-derived next-generation cancer models (NGCMs) such as organoids, conditionally reprogrammed cells, neurospheres, or optimal growth condition models as a community resource. HCMI aims to provide the models’ case-associated data, which includes quality-checked clinical, biospecimen, and molecular characterization data from the models, the tissues from which they were derived, and normal tissues, when available. Available harmonized data are accessible through NCI's Genomic Data Commons.

HCMI-developed models and case-associated data are available as a community resource. NCI is contributing to the initiative by supporting four Cancer Model Development Centers.

  • About Next-Gen Models

    The Human Cancer Models Initiative addresses the deficiencies in current models by providing fully annotated data from case-matched normal and tumor.

  • Cancer Model Development

    The Human Cancer Models Initiative (HCMI) models are generated and characterized by several institutions.

  • HCMI Publication Guidelines

    Researchers who use Human Cancer Model Initiative (HCMI) models and/or data must follow the publication guidelines outlined on this page and acknowledge HCMI accordingly.