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Using HCMI Models, Data, and Resources

Human Cancer Model Initiative (HCMI) Searchable Catalog 

The HCMI Searchable Catalog is a continuously updated resource for querying the next-generation models developed by HCMI. Within the catalog, users can search available models by patient demographics, tumor, and model elements including age at diagnosis, sex, treatment information, clinical tumor diagnosis, primary site, clinical stage, and type of model (e.g., 3D-organoid, 2D-conditionally reprogrammed cells), etc. Each model page within the catalog provides a link to corresponding data at the Genomic Data Commons, when available. 

For additional assistance in navigating the HCMI Searchable Catalog, please see the HCMI Searchable Catalog User Guide.  

Genomic Data Commons (GDC) 

The models’ case-associated clinical, biospecimen, and molecular characterization datasets are harmonized and stored at NCI's GDC and can be accessed through GDC Data Portal as they become available. The GDC Data Portal provides users with web-based access to models’ case-associated open- and controlled-access data.

An example informed consent document that HCMI suggested sites use when collecting specimens from prospective project participants. This document helps ensure that patients considering donating tissue specimens to human genomics research programs recognize the risks and benefits of participation and understand the nature of their inclusion in the project.

Protocols for Model Expansion

Laboratory protocols for growing next-generation cancer models developed by Cancer Model Development Centers are available at American Type Culture Collection.

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