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2016 - CCG Updates & Insights

    • The Genomic Data Commons Launches
      , by Louis M. Staudt, M.D., Ph.D.

      The NCI Genomic Data Commons is a next generation knowledge network that enables the access, analysis, and submission of cancer genomic data. The GDC facilitates data sharing and promotes precision medicine in oncology.

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    • Single-Cell Analysis Zooms in on Melanoma
      , by Amy E. Blum

      In a new study, researchers from the Broad Institute analyzed melanoma RNA expression using single-cell sequencing. They found that the simultaneous expression of two different gene expression programs within the same tumor affected therapeutic resistance and relapse.

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    • The CTD2 Dashboard: A Platform to Explore Evidence-based Observations
      , by Amy E Blum, M.A.

      The CTD2 dashboard provides the research community with an interactive portal for discovering connections between genes, proteins, perturbagens, and diseases. The portal also ranks CTD2 findings by the level of biological evidence.

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    • DNA Misfolding Revealed as Novel Oncogenic Mechanism
      , by Amy E Blum, M.A. and NCI Staff

      Researchers studying IDH-mutant brain tumors have identified a previously unknown genetic mechanism that may contribute to cancer. A change in how DNA is arranged, or packaged, in the cell nucleus may inappropriately activate a gene associated with brain cancer.

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    • Researcher Interview: Jinghui Zhang
      , by Amy E Blum, M.A.

      In this interview, Jinghui Zhang, Ph.D., Chair of Computational Biology at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, discusses why developing new computational methods is critical to progress against cancer. She also explains how differences between adult and pediatric cancers impact the way they are studied.

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