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2015 - Updates & Insights Blog

    • Cancer Informatics: Expanding Access to Cancer Genomics Data
      , by Amy E Blum, M.A.

      Drs. Staudt and Kibbe discuss NCI’s major initiatives to improve both the accessibility and usability of cancer genomics data. Top among the NCI’s priorities are the Genomic Data Commons, a service that will bring together and harmonize cancer genomic data sets from NCI programs and non-NCI data submitters, and the Cancer Genomics Cloud Pilots.

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    • Divide and Conquer: The Molecular Diagnosis of Cancer
      , by Louis M. Staudt, M.D., Ph.D.

      Using a “team science” approach, CCG supports research in structural, functional, and computational genomics that provide data and resources to the cancer research community. CCG director Dr. Lou Staudt provides an update of the center's mission and goals.

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