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RAS Cell Lines

Cell lines expressing mutant RAS genes are essential tools for finding ways to intervene in RAS cancers. RAS Initiative scientists have devoted significant effort to engineering and characterizing these cell lines so they will be a reliable resource for themselves and the larger RAS community.

"RASless" Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts

Professor Mariano Barbacid's lab constructed a mouse embryonic fibroblast (MEF) line in which the HRAS and NRAS genes have been deleted, and the KRAS gene has been flanked by loxP sites (Drosten, et al., 2010). Additionally, an inducible Cre recombinase was knocked into the genome, so that the MEFs could be rendered RASless upon addition of 4-hydroxytamoxifen. Such RASless MEFs become quiescent, but they can be rescued to resume proliferation by lentiviral transduction of wild type or mutant RAS genes, or of activated RAS pathway genes such as the V600E mutant of BRAF.

The cell lines below are available to the RAS community. Each line has been characterized for clonality; confirmation of endogenous KRAS gene removal; identification of transgene insertion site(s); growth characteristics including proliferation rates and doubling times; analysis of signaling pathways; response to tool compounds; and exome sequencing to exclude lines with mutations in onco-relevant genes.

  • KRAS 4B G12D 
  • KRAS 4B G12C
  • KRAS 4B G12V
  • KRAS 4B G13D
  • KRAS 4B Q61L
  • KRAS 4B Q61R
  • KRAS 4B wild type
  • KRAS 4A wild type
  • HRAS wild type
  • NRAS wild type
  • BRAF V600E

For more information, contact William Burgan at 301-846-1785 or

Cancer Cell Lines with Mutant KRAS Genes

The heterogeneity of human cancers is a major obstacle to developing therapies. One way of dealing with that heterogeneity is to test large numbers of patient-derived cell lines for common vulnerabilities. For one such study, RAS Initiative researchers constructed GFP-labeled derivatives of dozens of cell lines that express mutant KRAS.

To obtain each line contact the vendor listed. For more information on our experience, contact Dom Esposito at

Additional Cell Lines Currently Under Study within the NCI RAS Program
Cell Line Tissue KRAS Mutant Number of Mutant Alleles Source
AsPC-1 pancreas G12D 2 ATCC
Calu-1 lung G12C 2 ATCC
Capan-1 pancreas G12V 2 ATCC
Capan-2 pancreas G12V 1 ATCC
CFPAC-1 pancreas G12V 1 ATCC
COLO 668 lung G12V 2 Sigma
COR-L23 lung G12V 2 Sigma
DAN-G pancreas G12V 2 CLS Germany
GP2d large_intestine G12D 1 Sigma
HCT 116 large_intestine G13D 1 NCI DCTD
HCT-15 large_intestine G13D 1 NCI DCTD
HPAF-II pancreas G12D 1 ATCC
HUP-T4 pancreas G12V 1 Sigma
KP-3 pancreas G12V 2 JCRB
LCLC-97TM1 lung G12V 2 CLS Germany
LoVo large_intestine G13D 1 NCI DCTD
LS 180 large_intestine G12D 1 ATCC
LS513 large_intestine G12D 1 ATCC
LU65 lung G12C 2 RIKEN
LU99 lung G12C 1 RIKEN
MIA PaCa-2 pancreas G12C 2 ATCC
NCI-H1373 lung G12C 2 ATCC
NCI-H1385 lung G12C 1 ATCC
NCI-H1792 lung G12C 1 ATCC
NCI-H1944 lung G13D 1 ATCC
NCI-H2030 lung G12C 2 ATCC
NCI-H2122 lung G12C 2 ATCC
NCI-H23 lung G12C 1 NCI DCTD
NCI-H2444 lung G12V 2 ATCC
NCI-H358 lung G12C 1 ATCC
NCI-H441 lung G12V 1 ATCC
NCI-H647 lung G13D 2 ATCC
NCI-H727 lung G12V 1 ATCC
NCI-H747 large_intestine G13D 1 ATCC
Panc 02.03 pancreas G12D 1 ATCC
Panc 03.27 pancreas G12V 1 ATCC
Panc 04.03 pancreas G12D 1 ATCC
Panc 08.13 pancreas G12D 2 ATCC
Panc 10.05 pancreas G12D 1 ATCC
PA-TU-8902 pancreas G12V 1 DSMZ Germany
PK-1 pancreas G12D 1 RIKEN
PK-45H pancreas G12D 2 RIKEN
PK-59 pancreas G12D 1 RIKEN
QGP-1 pancreas G12V 1 JCRB
RCM-1 large_intestine G12V 2 JCRB
RERF-LC-Ad2 lung G12V 2 JCRB
SHP-77 lung G12V 2 NCI DCTD
SK-CO-1 large_intestine G12V 1 ATCC
SK-LU-1 lung G12D 1 ATCC
SNU-407 large_intestine G12D 1 Korean Cell Line Bank
SNU-C2A large_intestine G12D 1 ATCC
SU.86.86 pancreas G12D 2 ATCC
SW 1573 lung G12C 2 ATCC
SW 1990 pancreas G12D 2 ATCC
SW 900 lung G12V 1 ATCC
SW1463 large_intestine G12C 2 ATCC
SW403 large_intestine G12V 1 ATCC
SW480 large_intestine G12V 2 ATCC
SW620 large_intestine G12V 2 ATCC
SW837 large_intestine G12C 1 ATCC
T3M-10 lung G12D 1 RIKEN
T84 large_intestine G13D 1 ATCC
YAPC pancreas G12V 1 DSMZ Germany
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