NCI Dictionaries

  • NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms
    A dictionary of about 8,000 cancer and biomedical terms, defined in non-technical language. Terms and definitions are reviewed by a multidisciplinary panel of reviewers, and approximately 50 new and 50 revised terms are included each month. The dictionary is available as a stand-alone resource on every Web page, and individual terms in many Web documents are also directly linked to their dictionary definitions. The dictionary is also widely used by other institutions and Web sites.
  • NCI Dictionary of Genetics Terms
    A dictionary of about 200 genetics-related terms written for healthcare professionals. This resource was developed to support the comprehensive, evidence-based, peer-reviewed PDQ cancer genetics information summaries.
  • NCI Drug Dictionary
    A dictionary that contains technical definitions, alternate names, and links to related information for about 5,000 agents that are being used in the treatment of patients with cancer or cancer-related conditions. Each entry includes a link to a more detailed entry in the NCI Thesaurus, which provides the information presented, as well as links to open clinical trials in NCI's List of Cancer Clinical Trials.
  • Updated: March 31, 2017