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Tai Chi for Relieving Aromatase Inhibitor-Induced Arthralgia in Patients with Stage I-III Breast Cancer, the TaiChi4Joint Trial

Trial Status: Active

This trial studies new methods using Tai Chi for the relief of joint pain (arthralgia) caused by an aromatase inhibitor in patients with stage I-III breast cancer. Tai Chi is a mind-body therapy that integrates moderate physical activity, deep breathing and meditation. Tai Chi may help to reduce aromatase inhibitor-induced joint pain, and offer a promising approach to managing symptoms in cancer patients.

Inclusion Criteria

  • Be able to speak and read English
  • Been diagnosed with stage I–III breast cancer (BC)
  • Had completed all active treatments
  • Had been receiving an AI (anastrozole, letrozole, or exemestane) for at least 3 months
  • Had joint (knee, hand or hip) pain or stiffness that started or worsened after the initiation of AI
  • Report worst pain in the past week >= 4 on a 0–10 numeric rating scale
  • Be willing to adhere to all study procedures

Exclusion Criteria

  • Has been diagnosed with another form of cancer in the past 5 years
  • Uncontrolled cardiac, pulmonary, or infectious disease
  • Body mass index (BMI) > 40 kg/m^2
  • Currently attending any mind-body therapy classes (e.g. yoga)
  • Joint pain due to inflammatory arthritic condition (such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or gout, which will be assessed during eligibility screening with patient self-reported data and will be screened through electronic medical record [EMR] data)
  • Had surgery or joint infection in the past 6 months
  • Currently taking corticosteroids or opioids, have discontinued or plan to discontinue AI in the next 6 months

New Jersey

Kennedy Health Systems-Cancer Center
Status: ACTIVE
Contact: Kuang-Yi Wen
Phone: 215-503-4623


Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Status: ACTIVE
Contact: Kuang-Yi Wen
Phone: 215-503-4623


I. To evaluate the feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary efficacy of a 12-week Tai Chi intervention for relieving aromatase inhibitor (AI)-induced arthralgia in women with breast cancer (BCa).


Patients attend Tai Chi exercise classes over 1 hour twice weekly (BIW) and wear a Fitbit device for up to 12 weeks. Patients are encouraged to complete self-practice over 30 minutes and record practice times daily in a diary log form. Patients also join a Facebook private TaiChi4joint group where they receive instructional videos matching the progress of weekly classes for at-home practices and peer support in Tai Chi engagement.

Trial Phase Phase NA

Trial Type Supportive care

Lead Organization
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Principal Investigator
Kuang-Yi Wen

  • Primary ID 20G.093
  • Secondary IDs NCI-2020-02555
  • ID NCT04716920