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Risk Information and Skin Cancer Education for Undergraduate Prevention, RISE-UP Study

Trial Status: Active

This trial provides information about skin cancer risk and prevention to undergraduate students. This trial tests several risk communication strategies to improve college students’ engagement in skin cancer prevention behaviors, including sun protection behaviors (sunscreen, protective clothing, shade, peak ultraviolet radiation hours avoidance) and avoiding tanning behaviors (indoor, outdoor, unintentional).

Inclusion Criteria

  • Individual is enrolled in courses at the University of Utah
  • Individual reports having had at least 1 sunburn in past year
  • Individual reports having intentionally indoor or outdoor tanned at least 1 time in the past year
  • Individual reports using sunscreen plus 1 or more of the following behaviors never/rarely/sometimes in the past month: 1) protective clothing items, 2) shade when outdoors

Exclusion Criteria

  • Individual does not read/speak English
  • Individual reports a personal history of skin cancer


Salt Lake City
Huntsman Cancer Institute / University of Utah
Status: ACTIVE
Contact: Kim Kaphingst
Phone: 801-213-6207


I. To test the feasibility of providing young people with skin cancer prevention education and/or personalized feedback on their risk for skin cancer using novel methods of communicating this risk.

II. Examine the effects that the education and risk feedback have on individuals’ reported sun protection and tanning behaviors.

OUTLINE: Participants are randomized to 1 of 4 arms.

ARM I: Participants receive education on the importance of skin cancer prevention behaviors (e.g., sunscreen, protective clothing) and avoiding tanning and sunburns. Participants also receive a handout to take home and review.

ARM II: Participants have ultraviolet (UV) light photo taken of their face and receive education as in Arm I.

ARM III: Participants undergo collection of saliva sample for MC1R testing and receive education as in Arm I.

ARM IV: Participants have UV light photo taken of their face, undergo collection of saliva sample for MC1R testing, and receive education as in Arm I.

Trial Phase Phase NA

Trial Type Prevention

Lead Organization
Huntsman Cancer Institute / University of Utah

Principal Investigator
Kim Kaphingst

  • Primary ID HCI116807
  • Secondary IDs NCI-2020-04064, RISE-UP, IRB_00116807
  • ID NCT03979872