Key Initiatives

NCI has worked to leverage its role as the leader of the National Cancer Program to expand our understanding of cancer and to translate new knowledge into better cancer prevention and treatment. Although the majority of NCI’s funding supports investigator-initiated science, the institute also invests in major research initiatives to facilitate and support research on specific issues of importance to the cancer research enterprise. Some of these key initiatives include:

Cancer Moonshot℠

The cancer initiative is increasing resources and collaboration to make research advances available to patients across America. NCI is accepting applications for research grants that align with the goals of the Cancer Moonshot.

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NCI’s Role in Immunotherapy Research

Advances in cancer immunotherapy are the result of several decades of basic research, much of it supported by NCI, on how the immune system responds to cancer. NCI continues to support a wide range of research, from basic research to clinical trials, to advance the field of cancer immunotherapy.