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Investments in Basic Cancer Research: Developing Crizotinib

NCI makes substantial investments in basic research, recognizing its fundamental importance in unraveling the complexities of cancer. A deeper understanding of cancer leads to new approaches for cancer prevention, screening, and treatment, like crizotinib to treat non-small cell lung cancer. Learn more about basic research in NCI's Role in Cancer Research.

Why we should invest in basic Science? It lists the development of a targeted therapy. Infographic shows the basic research steps and clinical trials to develop cancer drug crizotinib. Shows steps from 1984 when MET oncogene was discovered; 1997 when MET mutations found to be oncogenic driver mutations; 2007 when first report of a MET inhibitor and first patient treated; 2009 when Childrens’s Oncology Group (COG) opens trial for crizotinib; 2013 FDA approves crizotinib; through 2018 when FDA grants breakthr