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NCI Congressional Justification

When the President submits an annual budget to Congress each year, NCI and other Executive agencies prepare a document called the Congressional Justification for the House and Senate appropriations committees. This document justifies the President’s request by explaining NCI’s mission, outlining our goals and objectives of the coming fiscal year, and providing comparative data and analysis for the previous, current, and proposed budgets.

The following NCI Congressional Justifications are available as PDFs:

Reports to Congressional Appropriation Committees and Significant Items 

The NCI prepares Reports to Congressional Appropriations Committees in response to requests that appear in the Congressional reports that accompany House and Senate appropriations bills.  

Learn more about the Congressional Appropriation Process.

NCI Significant Items

Significant Items are the NCI brief responses that address requests or recommendations from Congress that also appear in the appropriations committee reports that accompany a House or Senate appropriations bill. NCI publishes Significant Items with the Congressional Justification for the fiscal year following the fiscal year of the committee report containing the request. For example, NCI's FY 2015 Significant Items, which NCI publishes with the FY 2015 Congressional Justification, respond to requests that appear in the FY 2014 Congressional appropriations reports.

House and Senate Reports

These reports express legislative intent related to annual appropriations bills. In some fiscal years, the House and Senate may not issue reports to accompany appropriations bills.

House Reports

Senate Reports

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