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Apply for a Grant

All groundbreaking cancer research discoveries start with an idea that needs funding to be put into action. One of NCI’s primary roles is to provide funding for cancer research. The essentials of the NCI grants process are available on this website or download the PDF “The Grants Process, The Lifecycle of a Grant” for additional history and references.

The NCI grants process is similar to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants process; it is rigorous and complex to ensure applications proposing promising scientific research projects are evaluated and awarded, and that the results are disseminated to the American public.

  • Step 1: Application Development & Submission

    There are nine research grant application types, each with specific procedures and required documentation. Learn more about developing, submitting, and tracking a grant application.

  • Step 2: Application Receipt & Assignment

    Information on the assignment numbers the Center for Scientific Review (CSR) creates once an application is submitted and other submission policies.

  • Step 3: Peer Review and Funding Outcomes

    The NIH Peer Review process provides fair, independent, expert, and timely review of each grant application.

  • Step 4: Award Negotiation & Issuance

    Before a grant can be awarded and accepted, several pre-award activities must happen to formalize the partnership. Ensuring compliance with federal laws, a review of costs and a negotiation of the appropriate funding level must all happen in order to receive a grant.