Scientific Management Training

The intramural program of the NCI is one of the largest centers for cancer research in the world, with approximately 200 Principal Investigators and 500 Postdoctoral Fellows.  While outstanding scientific research is conducted at NCI, many of the scientists who go on to lead their own laboratories have few management skills.  The Scientific Management Training (SMT) course focuses on personnel and project management.  In the art of supervision section, it is emphasized that each personnel is unique and should be treated properly to achieve desired outcomes.  In the organization section, the development of successful teams with delegated authority is needed to complete an organizational mission.  The goal of the SMT course is to develop the skills needed to successfully lead a scientific research laboratory. The participation of NCI PIs and Fellows, who need to develop scientific management skills is encouraged.

NOTE:  Registration is limited to 50 students.

The Instructor

Timothy L. Quigg, M.P.A. - Associate Chair for Administration and Finance, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Organizing Committee

  • Terry Moody, Ph.D.
  • Jonathan Wiest, Ph.D.


Registration, at no charge, is due by May 30, 2018. Please fill out the registration form at the NCI Cancer Research website. The registration form is available online, click here to register.

The registration limit is 50.


This 3-hour course will held on June 4, 2018 on both NCI campuses:

  • Frederick:  Bldg. 549, Room A, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Bethesda:  Bldg. 10, FAES#3, 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

 More Information

Contact the course director, Dr. Terry Moody at or by phone at 240-276-7785.

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