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Contact the Center for Cancer Training

Looking for verification of clinical fellowships? Contact the NIH Credentialing Office at 301-496-5937 or send your request by fax to 301-402-1751.

Office of the Director (OD)

The Office of the Director supports NCI training and career development programs to catalyze the development of a 21st century workforce capable of advancing cancer research through a scientifically integrated approach.


OD Staff and Contact Information
Name Email Title

Oliver Bogler, Ph.D.
Read more about Dr. Bogler


Angela Jones Communications Manager
Astrid Masfar Communications Specialist
Maria Moten Program Specialist
Sasha Torres Program Analyst

Office of Training and Education (OTE)

The Office of Training and Education focuses on enhancing the overall training experience of intramural postdoctoral and clinical fellows, graduate students, postbaccalaureate fellows, and interns at NCI.   


OTE Staff and Contact Information 
Name Email Title

Erika Ginsburg, M.A.
Read more about Erika Ginsburg Chief
Vi Black Program Manager
Chanelle Case Borden, Ph.D. Program Manager
Ravi Dhar, Ph.D. Program Manager
Keyonna A. Earle Program Specialist
Amy Funk, Ph.D.  CRTA Fellow
Terry Moody, Ph.D. Special Assistant
Glorivee Pagan-Mercado, Ph.D. Scientific Program Specialist

Intramural Diversity Workforce Branch (IDWB)

The Intramural Diversity Workforce Branch creates new opportunities that will enhance recruitment and retention, increase partnerships, and generate diversity awareness.


IDWB Staff and Contact Information
Name Email Title

Erika Ginsburg, M.A.
Read more about Erika Ginsburg       Acting Chief
Ofelia Olivero, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator
Francis Steele Program Specialist

Cancer Training Branch (CTB)

The Cancer Training Branch supports fellowships, research career development awards, and training/education research in all areas of cancer research, including cancer prevention, control, behavioral sciences, population sciences, and translational research, at universities and institutions across the country.


CTB Leadership and Staff Contact Information (240-276-5630)
Name Email Title

Nastaran Zahir, Ph.D.
Read more about Nastaran Zahir Chief
Susan N. Perkins, Ph.D. Senior Program Officer
Rita Collins Executive Assistant
CTB Program Directors Contact Information
Name Email Associated Programs
Yansong Bian, M.D./Ph.D. F30F31, K08K12(K05), (K07), T32 
Corinne Boulanger, Ph.D. F30F31, K99/R00T32 
Mark Damico, Ph.D. F30K00K12, LRPT32 
Mariam Eljanne, Ph.D. F32F99/K00R25UE5, U24
Sonia Jakowlew, Ph.D. F32F33K22K25, K99/R00
Susan Lim, Ph.D. K08LRPT32
Hana Odeh, Ph.D. F30F31F32
Sergey Radaev, Ph.D. K08, (K23), (K24), Early K99/R00, R25
Michael Schmidt, Ph.D. F31K99/R00K22
CTB Program Specialists Contact Information
Name Email Associated Programs
Teresa Quinones-Saadipour F30, F31F32F33K12, R25T
Karen Tolson T32

The Center for Cancer Training
9609 Medical Center Dr.
2W118 MSC9707
Bethesda, MD 20892-9707
Phone: 240-276-7400
Fax: 240-276-5659

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