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CCR Fellows and Young Investigators Association

The CCR Fellows & Young Investigators (CCR-FYI) Association was organized by non-tenured and non-tenure-track M.D.s, Ph.D.s or the equivalent, graduate students, and predoctoral intramural scientists to foster the professional advancement of member clinicians and scientists at CCR.

We work to:

  • Organize and promote educational activities such as training courses and seminars
  • Identify potential employment opportunities in traditional and non-traditional career paths
  • Organize the annual CCR-FYI Colloquium
  • Help orient new trainees
  • Facilitate communication among members

CCR-FYI enhances the intramural training program, fosters communication among fellows and the CCR research community, and serves as a liaison to CCR senior management on programs affecting the training experience. 

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Steering Committee

CCR-FYI Officers 2019-2020

2019 Meetings

May 30

June 27

July 25

August 29

September 26

October 31

November 21 (moved a week earlier due to Thanksgiving holiday)

December 19 (moved a week earlier due to holidays)

All meetings are scheduled on the last Thursday of every month at 11:00 AM.  For more details, please visit the CCR FYI wiki page at

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The 20th Annual CCR Fellows and Young Investigators (FYI) Colloquium will be held on March 12 and March 13, 2020 at the NCI Shady Grove Campus in Rockville, MD.  The FYI Colloquium is open to all NCI fellows and trainees, including postdoctoral fellows, clinical fellows, post baccalaureate fellows, and graduate students. Registration and awards are generously funded by the CCR Office of the Director.

Fellows Seminar Series

Are you interested in improving your speaking and presentation skills? If so plan to attend and participate in the CCR Fellows' Seminar Series sponsored by the CCT Office of Training and Education and CCR-FYI on both the Frederick and Bethesda campuses.

Bethesda - Fellows PASS (Presentation Skills Seminar)

PASS (Presentation and Seminar Skills) is a 2-part monthly series that is open to all CCR scientists. Participants are given the opportunity to both practice and polish their presentation skills. Initially, fellows go through their presentation with Scott Morgan during a one-on-one tutoring session, where Scott provides feedback on style, content, delivery of message, etc. A week or two later, the participant presents his/her talk in front of colleagues and receives additional constructive feedback. Scott attends and provides additional feedback following the presentation. Scott has more than 15 years of valuable experience in science communication and has recently co-authored a book, "Speaking about Science". We will work with the fellow and Scott to arrange the tutoring session and follow-up presentation. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wishes to improve his/her presentation skills either for a meeting presentation or job talk.

For more information or to sign up, contact Sarwat Naz.

Frederick - Fellow Seminar Series

The Frederick National Lab Postdoc Seminar Series is a bi-weekly series that follows the Frederick Faculty Seminar Series on alternating Wednesdays. Our seminar series provides fellows the opportunity to hone their scientific communication skills while receiving constructive feedback on their science and presentation from their peers and from principal investigators. We aim to bring the postdoc community together in an effort to highlight the excellent research done by postdocs while fostering interactions and forming new collaborations. We are graciously supported by the CCR Office of the Director, CCT Office of Training and Education and the CCR-FYI Steering Committee.

For more information contact Kuo-Hui Su or Pedro Torres-Ayuso.

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