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Multimedia from NCI

The National Cancer Institute’s collection of multimedia includes photography, illustrations, videos, and infographics. Most of these multimedia assets are in the public domain, may be used free of charge for any educational or non-commercial purpose, and cannot be copyrighted. They may not be used to state or imply NCI’s endorsement of any commercial product, service, or activity.

Please credit the source of these products as: The National Cancer Institute.


Videos on NCI's YouTube channels may be embedded on your own websites and social media channels. NCI maintains the following two channels:


Graphical representations of cancer-related statistics and other NCI information may be downloaded from NCI Visuals Online.

Photography/Biomedical Illustrations

Publicly available cancer-related photographs and biomedical illustrations may be downloaded from NCI Visuals Online.

B-Roll Video

A small collection of b-roll videos may be downloaded from NCI Visuals Online.