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NCI Mobile Apps

Apps in this collection are freely available for downloading and reflect important efforts under way at the National Cancer Institute, including smoking cessation support and helping create professional networks for cancer researchers.

NCI QuitGuide is a free app that tracks cravings, moods, slips, and smokefree progress to help you understand your smoking patterns and build the skills needed to successfully become and stay smokefree.

NanCI by NCI
NanCI by NCI, available for iPhone, uses machine learning algorithms to match your interests and provide a unique experience by recommending tailored content such as people to connect with, events to attend, and interesting scientific papers. NanCI will help you stay informed about the science that excites you most while creating a professional network that can help you achieve your cancer research career goals.

This free mobile app can help brain and spine tumor patients and caregivers you track and manage symptoms and self-care activities.

NCI Pain Insights
This free Apple app is for members of the NIH Intelligent Sight and Sound Clinical Trial. Only members of the trial will be able to perform any actions within the app.

NCI Ethics
Available for Apple and Android devices, this app is intended to help NCI personnel federal ethics laws and policies.