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Cancer Moonshot℠

Learn how the Cancer Moonshot is taking an all-of-government approach to improve the experience of everyone who is touched by cancer.

The Cancer Moonshot was launched in 2016 to accelerate scientific discovery in cancer research, foster greater collaboration, and improve the sharing of cancer data. By focusing on areas of cancer research that are most likely to benefit the American people as a result of new investment, the Cancer Moonshot has brought together a large community of patients, advocates, researchers, and clinicians who are dedicated to advancing research to end cancer as we know it.

  • About the Cancer Moonshot℠

    Learn about the research goals and initiatives of the reignited Cancer Moonshot.

  • Cancer Moonshot℠ Research Initiatives

    Research initiatives that address the Cancer Moonshot’s 2016 goals are delivering important insights about cancer. New initiatives are underway that support the goals set forth in 2022.

  • Cancer Moonshot℠ Progress

    Learn about the progress that has been made in cancer research through the various Cancer Moonshot initiatives.

  • Funding Opportunities to Support Cancer Moonshot

    See a list of funding opportunity announcements from fiscal year 2017 through fiscal year 2023 for research initiatives that aligned with the goals of the Cancer Moonshot.

  • Cancer Moonshot℠ Seminar Series

    In this seminar series, researchers working across Cancer Moonshot initiatives present on their findings. Additionally, they discuss how their research projects address the Blue Ribbon Panel report’s 10 key recommendations.

  • History of the Cancer Moonshot℠

    Learn how experts appointed to a White House Task Force, Blue Ribbon Panel, and Cancer Cabinet have helped ensure that the Cancer Moonshot is grounded in the best science since its launch in 2016.