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RAS Dialogue

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    • Intravenous High-Dose Vitamin C in Cancer Therapy
      , by Lewis Cantley and Jihye Yun

      Pharmacologic levels of vitamin C in plasma can only be achieved by intravenous administration. Vitamin C undermines RAS-mutant cells’ reliance on upregulation of glycolysis and antioxidant activities to support their cancer lifestyle.

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    • Taking RAS Research to Space
      , by Albert Chan

      High-quality crystal structures of RAS are essential for developing new drugs for this difficult target. Crystals of RAS protein grown on the International Space Station had improved qualities compared to those grown in earth gravity.

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    • The Role of Mitochondrial Dynamics in Ras-driven Cancers
      , by David Kashatus

      Mitochondria are dynamic structures that respond to the metabolic needs of cells. The altered metabolism of cells driven by oncogenic KRAS genes results in mitochondrial fission. Blocking mitochondrial fission limits transformation and tumor growth.

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    • Covalent Inhibitors of RAS
      , by Anna Maciag

      A “tethered screening” approach is opening new doors to drugging RAS proteins. The NCI RAS Initiative is developing small molecules that covalently modify cysteine-185 and histidine-95 of KRAS.

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    • Modeling Treatments for Ras and Raf Cancers
      , by Boris Kholodenko

      Details of how Raf inhibitors interact with their protein targets enable modeling of how drug resistance develops. Together with other biochemical data, computational models predict how to combine inhibitors for more effective cancer treatments.

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