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Research Highlights: AI in Cancer Research

Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven technology is used for a variety of cancer research purposes. NCI is funding research to advance the use of AI to increase our knowledge of cancer and to improve clinical decision making and cancer care, from active grants to published articles, aimed at advancing existing and emerging research areas in AI.

Active NCI grants incorporating artificial intelligence methods into their research: Use this live NIH RePORTER query using keywords relevant to AI to search for active NCI grants.

Cancer Data Science Pulse: Gain insights on cancer data science with regular blog posts on cancer and AI from NCI's Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology.

Cancer Currents: Read recently published news and commentaries from the Cancer Currents blog on how artificial intelligence is used to conduct cancer research, deliver cancer treatment, improve patient care, and screen for cancer:

Is AI Ready to Play a Leading Role in Colorectal Cancer Screening?
October 10, 2023, by Sharon Reynolds
Using computer-aided detection (CAD) during a colonoscopy doesn’t help doctors find the growths most likely to become colorectal cancer, two studies find. Researchers agreed that CAD, which is aided by artificial intelligence technology, needs further refinement.

Can Artificial Intelligence–Driven Chatbots Correctly Answer Questions about Cancer?
October 3, 2023, by Edward Winstead
Can AI chatbots give people accurate information about cancer and its treatment? The answer appears to be: Not yet. Results from two studies have found that, although AI chatbots can gather cancer information from reputable sources, their responses to questions about treatment and other topics can include errors and omissions.

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