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Together, WE CAN Make a Difference

, by Ted Trimble

CGH staff join the Talking Hands campaign to show their support for World Cancer Day 2017.

This Saturday, February 4th is World Cancer Day 2017.  It is a day to reflect on the progress that’s been made in research, treatment, and policy, all aimed at reducing the global burden of cancer.  The Center for Global Health has worked determinedly this past year to bring us closer to this goal.  We have developed new opportunities to support cancer research, we have offered trainings to empower the next generation of researchers, and we have forged new partnerships to further strengthen our programs.   

World Cancer Day is also a day to challenge ourselves to work harder, smarter, and more collaboratively so that We Can defeat this complex disease.  2017 brings with it unprecedented opportunities, as leaders worldwide have shown unanimous support for strengthening cancer research and treatment.  Now is the time to act.  Together We Can achieve new heights in global cancer control.  We Can shape policy change to address global inequalities in cancer care.  I Can make a difference by inspiring others to join me in my commitment to cure cancer. Won’t you? 

To see how CGH staff are commemorating World Cancer Day, visit: CGH Celebrates World Cancer Day 2017

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