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Advancing Global Oncology: A Survey of NCI-Designated Cancer Centers

, by Dr. Robert Croyle

CGH Global Oncology Survey Report Cover

It is my great pleasure to share with you the 2018-2019 Global Oncology Survey of NCI-Designated Cancer Centers Summary Report. This report is a collaborative effort between the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), and the 70 NCI-Designated Cancer Centers across the US.

It has been a remarkable process to learn about the dedication of NCI-Designated Cancer Centers to the field of global oncology, as demonstrated by the diverse and rich programs and projects in this report. Most notably, while NCI is the largest funder of cancer research, the work described in this report is supported from sources outside of NCI, including from the NCI-Designated Cancer Centers themselves. For some time, we have shared the data on NCI-funded grants with international collaborators. This report complements that information by providing new information concerning the breadth of non-NIH-funded global oncology activities. By doing so, the report helps provide a more holistic view of Cancer Centers’ commitment to global oncology.

We are grateful to the NCI-Designated Cancer Centers for their willingness to share this information. The work described includes collaborators in 110 countries around the world. As you read through this report and the accompanying appendices, you will find investments in research and training that touch every point along the cancer control continuum. Substantive efforts are devoted toward the training and capacity building of both domestic faculty and trainees and their foreign collaborators

This report is intended to facilitate both information sharing and collaboration. As stated in the section “Ways to Use this Report as an Information Gathering Tool,” we encourage NCI-Designated Cancer Centers to reach out to NCI-supported programs to connect with colleagues working on similar research topics and in similar global settings. We also hope that this report will serve as a catalyst for the global oncology community to discuss ways to prioritize and coordinate, where appropriate, in global oncology research and training. To that end, we encourage you and your colleagues to join the discussion at the 8th Global Cancer Research Symposium, April 17, 2020, in Washington, DC, a satellite meeting in advance of the 2020 Consortium of Universities for Global Health Conference (April 18-20, 2020). For more information, contact Kalina Duncan.

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