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CRCHD Native American Heritage Month Video Campaign - Transcripts

Transcripts for each video within the CRCHD National Native American Heritage Month Video Campaign may be found below.

Kaylia Baca

My name is Kaylia Baca. I am representing the Zuni Tribe of New Mexico as a previous participant in the R25 YES Program. Participating in the R25 YES Program has affected my view on cancer in multiple impactful ways. First and foremost, participating in the R25 YES Program gave me a much deeper understanding on the causes, treatments, and current research around cancer. Through the R25 YES Program, I got to view what contributes to cancer from multiple different perspectives. From learning about cancer through genetics, lifestyle, and environmental exposures, I got to expand my knowledge on cancer. Through this program, I also got to explore the diverse types of cancer, each with its own biology, prognosis, and treatment options. To say the least, the R25 YES Program has broadened my view of cancer, inspiring me to bring my knowledge back to my home community, to share and inform all of my community members.

Amaya Pablo

Hi, I'm Amaya Pablo. I'm a part of the Hopi and Tohono Oʼodham Tribes. I am a junior at Northern Arizona University. I'm a chemistry major with an emphasis in health professionals, with a minor in biology and Indigenous health studies. A pivotal moment in my cancer research career was learning about the prevalence of cancer in Native American communities. Through the Partnership for Native American Cancer Prevention at Northern Arizona University, I've been exposed to many cancer disparities in communities including my own. Many of my family members have suffered from breast cancer and because of this, I have decided to pursue a career in oncology and serve my Native community.

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