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Center for Research Strategy (CRS)

The NCI Center for Research Strategy (CRS) is a strategic science planning and analysis office that serves the NCI Director and supports NCI priorities. Located within the Office of the Director (OD), CRS works to catalyze, convene, and coordinate initiatives across NCI’s Divisions, Offices, and Centers (DOCs).

CRS's mission is to apply scientific, analytic, and strategic expertise to collaboratively lead high-priority initiatives, inform decision making, and identify cross-cutting opportunities to advance the missions of NCI and NIH.

The Center works collaboratively across NCI to identify scientific opportunities, enable informed decision making, and support key focus areas. It does this by coordinating strategic activities, monitoring the direction and application of the NCI’s scientific knowledge and resources, and uncovering research funding gaps. CRS also serves as a scientific resource to offices within the NCI OD as well as an NCI liaison to the NIH and the broader health community on topics related to strategic planning, portfolio analysis, science planning and evaluation, and other projects.