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Reporting and Analysis of NCI Funded Research

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NCI publicly reports information about awarded grants, contracts, and intramural research projects funded by NCI. This includes the categorization of research projects based on scientific categories. Scientific classification of research projects provides science-based budget information that can be viewed by Congress and the public and is used in portfolio analysis to determine underfunded or emerging areas of science.

The reporting of NCI’s funded portfolio is managed by the Knowledge Manage and Special Projects Branch and is publicly reported through two separate programs.

NIH Research, Condition, and Disease Categorization (RCDC)

The NIH Research, Condition, and Disease Categorization (RCDC) program was developed as a requirement of the NIH 2006 Reform Act (Section 402B): ‘‘The Secretary, acting through the Director of NIH, shall establish an electronic system to uniformly code research grants and activities of the Office of the Director and of all the national research institutes and national centers.” The RCDC program has been used for reporting all NIH-funded research for each fiscal year since 2008. It uses a fingerprinting software technology to categorize and report funding dollars in each of the more than 300 reporting categories for the NIH Office of Extramural Research.

NCI Funded Research Portfolio (NFRP)

The NCI Funded Research Portfolio (NFRP) has been in existence since fiscal year 1998. This database is curated by trained professionals and scientific staff at NCI who analyze grant applications, contracts, and intramural projects to classify each project for its degree of relevance to areas of science of interest to NCI stakeholders. The NFRP is a publicly available website that contains information about research grants, contract awards, and intramural research projects funded by NCI. It  provides the ability to search an integrated database for projects and funding data reported annually by NCI divisions, offices, and centers.

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