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OGA Staff

OGA staff

We are a team of grants specialists, team leaders, and branch chiefs who work together to help financially support cancer research activities throughout the United States and around the world.

Crystal Wolfrey leads our team as the Director of OGA and Chief Grants Management Officer. She joined NCI in 1987 and served as a Grants Management Specialist in NCI for 13 years and as the Team Leader for the Division of Cancer Control & Population Sciences (DCCPS) team for four years.

Our leadership team is spread across four branches to ensure we effectively plan and direct all NCI business-related activities associated with the negation, award, and ongoing management of NCI grants and cooperative agreements.

OGA Leadership Team

Crystal Wolfrey

Director, Chief Management Officer

Sean Hine

Deputy Director

Grants Portfolio Management
Branch A
Grants Portfolio Management
Branch B
Grants Portfolio Management
Branch C
Business Operations Branch Policy and Compliance
Amy Bartosch - Branch Chief Shane Woodward - Branch Chief

Dawn Mitchum - Branch Chief

Sean Hine - Branch Chief Laura Gray - Team Leader


Mutema Nyankale - Team Leader

Jackie Saval

John Bustillos

Katie Clark

Kelli Maddock

Muskan Pathak

Viviana Knowles 


Shane Woodward - Acting Team Leader

Aubrey Bell

Hui Han

Manda Richards

Martinson Owusu

Michael Kluk

Monica Benjamin


Dawn Walker -  Team Leader

Bianca Perez

Mike Steenstra

Ndola Carlest

Sabrina Oasan

Tracie McGraw

Team 1

Bryan Baker - Team Leader

Hue Tran - Program Specialist

Edward Mikulich

Emily Driskell

Joe D’Avella

Nicole Jones

Alice Wong - Lead Specialist

Jaime Montes - Lead Specialist


Kimberly Durkin - Team Leader

Becky Brightful

Jake Pritchard

Joy Kearse

Nailah Agyemann

Shakeeya Eaddy


Jason Gill - Team Leader

Angela Walters

Ashley Utter

Candace Cofie

Jennifer Meininger

Justin Birken

Long Nguyen

Mimi Bui


Viviana Knowles - Team Leader

Ashley Salo

Bryann Benton

Cornice Young

Denisa Traboini

Sarah Lee

Tiara Cleveland



Team 2

Stacey Kocher - Team Leader

Eugenia Chester

Lisa Vytlacil

Lola  Ajayi

Robert Jones

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