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Funding Cancer Research Under an Interim Budget

, by NCI Associate Director for Finance and Legislation Patrick McGarey

Headshot of Patrick McGarey

Patrick McGarey, Associate Director for Finance and Legislation at NCI

With the new fiscal year beginning on October 1, NCI is operating under a Continuing Resolution (CR) and has established interim paylines. While CR’s are a familiar part of the budget process, we want to ensure the NCI community knows how the FY 2023 CR affects funding policies for both competing and noncompeting grants.

On September 30, 2022, the President signed legislation to provide interim funding to NCI and other federal agencies for fiscal year 2023, which began on October 1, 2022. Known as a continuing resolution, the law provides funding through December 16. It also allows time for Congress to reach a final agreement on appropriations to support the programs of federal agencies.

As we explained in Bottom Line blogs posted in 2021 and 2020, NCI faces fiscal uncertainty until we have a final budget. Given this uncertainty, it’s prudent to adopt a conservative, provisional NCI spending plan, including funding for extramural grants.

As in past years, NCI is announcing interim paylines for issuing grants, including those shown in the table below. Full details of NCI interim paylines appear on NCI’s website. Under the interim policy, NCI will pay most noncompeting grants at 90%. When NCI receives its final appropriation, we will update our grant funding policies and share these details with the research community.

Interim Paylines for FY 2023 NCI Competing Grants

Grant Type Interim Payline
R01 Grants for Established & New Investigators 10th Percentile
R01 Grants for Early-Stage Investigators 15th Percentile
R21 Exploratory Research Grants

9th Percentile

NCI will pay noncompeting grants at 90% during the interim period.


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