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NCI Bottom Line: A Blog about Grants and More

This grantee-focused blog covers the latest on NCI’s fiscal landscape, funding decisions, grants policy news, processes, and more.

    • Living in Budget Limbo Under a Continuing Resolution
      , by Patrick McGarey

      For this edition of the NCI Bottom Line, Patrick McGarey, NCI’s Associate Director of Finance and Legislation provides an overview of NCI’s interim funding policy for Fiscal Year 2020. Furthermore, this blog post highlights the historical nature of functioning under a continuing resolution, and what a continuing resolution means for the NCI, as well as NCI’s grantee community.

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    • Envisioning NCI’s Future: Annual Plan and Budget Proposal for FY 2021
      , by L. Michelle Bennett, Ph.D.

      For this edition of the NCI Bottom Line, Dr. Michelle Bennett, director of NCI’s Center for Research Strategy, provides an overview of NCI’s FY2021 Annual Plan and Budget Proposal. In the blog, Dr. Bennett highlights priorities from the Plan that are especially relevant to current and future NCI-funded researchers, including supporting more investigator-initiated research and maximizing opportunities in emerging areas of science.

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    • Welcome to NCI Bottom Line: A Blog about Grants and More!
      , by NCI Staff

      For this inaugural blog post, NCI Bottom Line editors spoke with NCI Acting Director, Dr. Douglas R. Lowy, about why NCI is launching a new blog on everything you ever wanted to know about grants and how NCI funds its grants portfolio. In this Q&A, Dr. Lowy shares his vision for keeping the extramural community informed and engaged on NCI grants and funding policies.

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