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October 2022 - Welcome to the NCI Bottom Line Blog

    • Funding Cancer Research Under an Interim Budget
      , by NCI Associate Director for Finance and Legislation Patrick McGarey

      NCI’s Associate Director for Finance and Legislation, Patrick McGarey, highlights what the Continuing Resolution for FY 2023 means for NCI’s interim paylines. This blog post describes NCI’s provisional funding policies for both competing and noncompeting grants.

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    • A Bold Request for Cancer Research: NCI’s Fiscal Year 2024 Annual Plan and Budget Proposal
      , by NCI Acting Director, Center for Research Strategy, Dr. Diane Palmieri

      The cancer research community has made amazing strides to help people live longer, healthier lives. NCI’s Annual Plan and Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 2024 highlights how we will make further progress and achieve the goal of ending cancer as we know it today, for all. In this edition of the Bottom Line blog, Dr. Diane Palmieri, acting director of NCI’s Center for Research Strategy, spotlights one of the four scientific opportunities in the annual plan and discusses NCI’s goal to increase the R01 payline to support more meritorious cancer research.

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