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NCI at ASCO 2021 Virtual Meeting

NCI at ASCO 2021 Virtual Meeting

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) will be participating in the virtual American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting this year, June 4-8.

Visit the ASCO program for more information on the sessions listed below, as well as to learn about other sessions featuring NCI experts.

Registration is required to attend.

NCI Director Presentations

At this year’s meeting, Dr. Sharpless presented as part of the Opening Plenary, focused on equity, as well as in an on-demand session to highlight NCI’s efforts in clinical oncology to ‘end cancer as we know it. Learn more about each session below:

  • Plenary Panel Discussion on Equity
    NCI is committed to improving equity in cancer research and cancer care to help all people live long, healthy lives. In his keynote address during the open plenary session, Dr. Sharpless outlined how NCI is taking action to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion within the agency and across the cancer research workforce. NCI has long supported research to understand and address cancer’s disproportionate impacts on minority and underserved populations and continues to provide training opportunities to aspiring cancer researchers from underrepresented communities. NCI believes increasing diversity in all areas of cancer research will lead to faster progress that will redefine what cancer means for everyone.
  • On-Demand Presentation
    President Biden has challenged NCI to “end to cancer as we know it.” During an on-demand session, Dr. Sharpless discusses how NCI is working to alter the destructive trajectory of cancer by continuing to develop new approaches to cancer care that will fundamentally transform what it means to have cancer. NCI will continue to accelerate clinical trials by adding more trial sites, expanding patient eligibility criteria, and valuing the role patients play as our partners in research. 

Dr. Sharpless’s NCI Update at 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting

Visit NCI’s Virtual Booth:

Those attending the conference are encouraged to join NCI at our virtual exhibit booth. There, you can view videos and learn more about various NCI programs and initiatives, including:


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