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The DNA of the National Cancer Act

Just as every cancer is unique, so too are the stories of the people and events that have transformed cancer research and care. They are the pioneers of advocacy, the researchers and scientists discovering new treatments and prevention approaches, and the doctors who deeply care about improving the lives of their patients. They are the social workers, patient educators, administrators, and technicians. Most importantly, they are the patients, who are also our friends, family, and sometimes even ourselves.

  • Advocates and Allies: The Pioneers of Progress

    Cancer advocates have a long history of making sure patients' voices get heard. In fact, one notable advocate had a major role in making the National Cancer Act a reality. Meet these not-so-silent allies of yesterday and today who challenge the status quo, push for progress, and accelerate change in the world of cancer.

  • Hope for Millions through Cancer Centers

    NCI-Designated Cancer Centers provide breakthrough approaches to preventing, diagnosing, and treating all types of cancers. Today, there are 71 centers in 36 states that are composed of multidisciplinary teams that deliver cutting-edge research, clinical trials, and state-of-the-art treatment facilities to all Americans, including many underserved communities. Earning an NCI designation is an honor reserved for only the top cancer centers in the nation.