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The University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center

Comprehensive Cancer Center

Michelle M. Le Beau, Ph.D., Director

5841 South Maryland Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60637

Pediatric Appointments: (773) 702-6808
Adult Appointments: 1-855-702-8222

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Founded in 1973, The University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center received its NCI designation that same year and its designation as a comprehensive cancer center in 2008.

The mission of the University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center (UCCCC) is to elucidate the determinants of cancer, to develop cures for cancer, and to prevent cancer through research, clinical care, education, and community engagement. This is accomplished through innovative clinical programs and research programs that emphasize collaboration among a diverse and dedicated team of outstanding basic, translational, clinical, and population researchers, and trainees.

The UCCCC has long been recognized for its strength in basic and clinical research, particularly its major contributions to drug development and early-phase clinical trials. The UCCCC strength in clinical research is underscored by its enrollment of approximately 1,000 patients to clinical trials each year. Other areas of expertise include the genetic classification of hematological malignancies and pioneering of risk-adapted therapies, the development of new treatment paradigms in head and neck cancer, the advancement of cancer immunology, pharmacogenomics, cancer genetics, molecular epidemiology and population-based cohort studies. The UCCCC also actively develops and supports the training and career development of the next generation of cancer researchers, especially those from underrepresented populations.

The UCCCC’s interdisciplinary scientific programs include Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer, Immunology and Cancer, Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics, Advanced Imaging, and Cancer Prevention and Control.

Patient care and treatment takes place at University of Chicago Medicine, where more than 4,000 cancer patients are diagnosed and/or treated annually. The hospital campus is adjacent to two facilities for research, facilitating translational research.

Located on the south side of Chicago, the UCCCC is committed to providing care to underserved populations and emphasizing research on health equity aimed at identifying and reducing or eliminating disparities in cancer health equity.

* This profile was provided by the University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center.

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