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RAS Community Outreach

A critical aspect of the NCI RAS Initiative is to encourage and develop cooperative arrangements in the U.S. and abroad with RAS researchers in academia and industry. Through community and technical collaborations, workshops and symposia, and the distribution of reference reagents, the RAS Initiative seeks to increase the sharing of the knowledge and resources that are essential to defeat cancers caused by mutant RAS genes.

  • RAS Collaborations

    The RAS Initiative has engaged in numerous formal collaborations with both organizations and individual scientists. These arrangements bring outside expertise to the Initiative's project areas to apply the best ideas and newest technologies to the problem of RAS-driven cancers.

  • RAS Initiative Events

    A fundamental aspect of scientific research is to enable and encourage the exchange of information and ideas through in-person workshops and meetings. The NCI RAS Initiative has organized multiple events with invited outside experts to discuss how the latest scientific and technological breakthroughs can be applied to discover vulnerabilities in cancers caused by mutant RAS genes.

  • RAS Reference Reagents

    RAS Initiative researchers have developed unique reagents at the FNLCR. We hope that by widely distributing these to the larger RAS community, we can increase the efficiency of all research on RAS.

  • Publications from the RAS Initiative

    This list of RAS Initiative publications reflects the balance between the public responsibilities of NCI and the requirements of external partners.