Yale Cancer Center

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Yale University School of Medicine
New Haven, Connecticut

Yale University School of Medicine Yale Cancer Center

Yale Cancer Center
Comprehensive Cancer Center

Charles S. Fuchs, MD, MPH

333 Cedar Street
New Haven, Connecticut Box 208028
Patient Care: (203) 785-4191
Toll Free: 1-866-925-3226 (1-866-YALECANCER)

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Established in 1974, the Yale Cancer Center (YCC) also received its NCI designation the same year. The Center combines the resources of the Yale-New Haven Hospital and the Yale School of Medicine. The Center is committed to combating cancer with the most effective modern tools. Its mission encompasses research, cancer prevention and control, patient care, education, and community outreach.

Cancer research at Yale began decades before the Center was founded and today there are seven research programs at the Center: developmental therapeutics, genetics and genomics, cancer immunology, molecular virology, cancer prevention and control, radiobiology and radiotherapy, and signal transduction. The first research program was in developmental therapeutics and began in 1974. It represents the foundation of the clinical translational research efforts at YCC. Discoveries from the laboratories are taken into the clinical setting and observations made there are returned to the laboratories for further refinement into improved cancer treatments.

The new Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven consolidates into one building all of the medical center’s cancer services, both inpatient and outpatient. It was designed with an explicit commitment to personalized cancer care, with each patient receiving a unique and comprehensive treatment plan. Multi-specialty teams dedicated to different forms of cancer are housed together in suites, facilitating collaboration among the disciplines involved in cancer treatment. The team is also available to provide telemedicine with experts at distant sites.

Other services provided at the Center include access to clinical trials covering most types of cancer and assistance for cancer survivors. When patients have completed their treatment, the Center offers services to them through the Connecticut Challenge Survivorship Clinic. The Clinic provides medical care, nutritional and lifestyle guidance, and support for cancer survivors throughout the state.

* This profile was provided by Yale Cancer Center.

  • Updated: September 14, 2015