Clinical Trials Using Losartan Potassium

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  • Losartan and Hypofractionated Radiation Therapy after Chemotherapy for the Treatment of Borderline Resectable or Locally Advanced Unresectable Pancreatic Cancer, the SHAPER Study

    This phase I trial studies the side effects of losartan and hypofractionated radiation therapy after chemotherapy in treating patients with pancreatic cancer that may or may not be removed by surgery (borderline resectable) or has spread from its original site of growth to nearby tissues or lymph nodes and is not amenable to surgical resection (locally advanced unresectable). Losartan may improve blood flow and allows for better tissue oxygenation. Hypofractionated radiation therapy delivers higher doses of radiation therapy over a shorter period of time and may kill more tumor cells and have fewer side effects. Giving losartan and hypofractionated radiation therapy may work better in treating patients with pancreatic cancer compared to hypofractionated radiation therapy alone.
    Location: Huntsman Cancer Institute / University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah