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Personal Stories About Participating in Research

Read personal stories from partners in cancer research, including experiences from patients and physicians. 

  • Read Vivian's Story >

    "Cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence. I’m a testament to that," Vivian said. Read about Vivian's cancer story as a proud member of the Navajo Nation.

  • Read Mel's Story >

    Read about Mel's clinical trial experience for leukemia and his desire to get tomorrow's medicine today.

  • Read Adine's Story >

    “Doctors don’t make advances or have any kind of impact without patients participating in trials," Adine said. Learn more about Adine's journey that led her to participate in cancer research.

  • Read Dr. O's Story >

    “Thirty people came with her, some angry, some scared and wanting to know why I wanted to experiment on their mom,” he said. Read about Dr. Osarogiagbon's experience working with one family to address their concerns.

  • Read Valerie's Story >

    The results of standard tests indicated that Valerie Winston was at risk for multiple myeloma. Read how an NCI combination therapy clinical trial helped her avoid the full impact of multiple myeloma.