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MERIT Award (R37) Extension: Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions about the NCI ESI MERIT (R37) Award extension process. If you have additional questions, please contact the NCI program officer or grants management specialist indicated on the R37 Notice of Award.

MERIT Award (R37) Extension Request Process

Where can I find the requirements for an R37 extension request?

The MERIT Award (R37) Extension webpage and in the R37 Terms in the Notice of Award issued before the R37 Extension Request deadline.

A list of published and submitted manuscripts is required in the R37 extension request. Should the PI include manuscripts under preparation?

No, the PI should not include manuscripts under preparation.

If an extension request is denied, is this appealable?

Appeals will not be considered. PIs are expected to work with their POs prior to submission of the extension request to ensure their application addresses all required components.

Managing the MERIT Award (R37) Extension

Is carryover allowable?

Yes, carryover is allowed and automatic for R37 awards. If carryover exceeds 25% of the budget, then an explanation is required.

Can an R37 grant exceed 7 years?

No, R37 awards cannot exceed 7 years under any circumstances. No-cost extensions are not permitted beyond 7 years for R37awards.

Is a change in institution permitted for R37 awards?

Yes, a change of institution may be permitted. Please refer to the NIH Grants Policy Statement, Section Change of Recipient Organization.

If a PI is unable to meet the request deadline, can a request be submitted for the next council round?

The PI should notify the NCI as soon as possible if they are unable to meet the request deadline. With prior approval, the PI may request to submit a late extension request for the next council round. The extension request must be received by the next due date (July 1, November 1, or March 1) to be reviewed in time for the next council date. If the request is exceedingly late, there may not be sufficient time to avoid a lapse in funding.

What type of grant will the extension award be?

The first year will be a Type 4 extension, and the second year will be a Type 5 noncompeting continuation award.

Will NCI funding policies apply to the Type 4 and Type 5 R37 awards during the extension period?

Yes, the NCI funding policy for that Fiscal Year will apply to the Type 4 and Type 5 awards.

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