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Transfer of a Grant

NIH prior approval is required for the transfer of the legal and administrative responsibility for a grant-supported project or activity from one legal entity to another before the expiration of the approved project period (period of performance). A change of recipient organization may be accomplished under most NIH grants, including construction grants. A change of recipient that involves the transfer of a grant to or between foreign institutions or international organizations must be approved by the IC’s Advisory Council or Board.

  • A grant to an individual may not be transferred. However, an individual fellowship may be transferred to a new sponsoring organization. The transfer process will be the same as for a change of recipient organization
  • A change in an individual fellow’s department or sponsor within the same organization is not considered a change of recipient organization.
  • A successor-in-interest or a name change is not considered a change of recipient.
  • A change of recipient organization may involve the transfer of equipment purchased with grant funds. The transfer may be accomplished as part of the original recipient’s relinquishment of the grant; otherwise, the NIH reserves the right to transfer title to equipment to the new organization as indicated in Administrative Requirements—Management Systems and Procedures—Property Management System Standards."
  • The NIH may request additional information necessary to accomplish its review of the request. Acceptance of a relinquishing statement by NIH does not guarantee approval of a transfer application for the continued funding of a project.

Change of Institution Request (Type 7)

A Relinquishing Statement is required as part of the Change of Institution process that allows an extramural grant recipient institution to transfer an active grant to another institution. The process is initiated by the signing official of the institution that currently holds the award, who submits a Reliquishing Statement in the eRA Commons and identifies the institution that will take over the award. This process must occur before the expiration of the current approved project period. The receiving institution must then submit a Change of Grantee Organization application using the associated Parent Funding Opportunity Announcement.

Additional Resources for Submitting a Change of Institution Request.


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