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Our Engagement with Cancer Advocates, Advocacy Organizations, and the Cancer Patient Community

The NCI Cancer Community Partnership is interested in forming relationships with patient advocates, advocacy organizations, and individuals personally affected by cancer as well as their care partners –those who provide support for a person throughout their experience with cancer. In forming this partnership, we ask that individuals bring open and honest dialog and the perspectives and experiences that affect them, or the perspectives of a larger cancer community that you identify with. 

Some trainees have never had the opportunity to work directly with people living with cancer. We hope this experience is mutually beneficial - trainees will learn communication skills and gain inspiration for their work and research directions while providing individuals with a welcoming space to share their stories. We would also have the opportunity to learn more about recent developments in cancer science through research presentations and discussion panels. 

We welcome you to this shared classroom where we are all both a teacher and student. Together, we will learn from one another and form a partnership based on conversations occurring on equal grounds. We aim to amplify and empower a diverse range of voices by providing a platform to share your insights with scientists, health care providers, and others.

We hope that you/your organization might be interested in participating in this partnership. We would be happy to provide more information or to meet to discuss the partnership and potential involvement in more detail.

Our Engagement with Providers 

The NCI Cancer Community Partnership is interested in forming connections with providers in the community. We believe physicians and healthcare providers are an important part of forming the partnership between scientific research and people living with cancer.

In our efforts to bring a range of voices and perspectives to the table, we invite you to share your insights as a cancer care provider. Our hope is to reach providers from a variety of settings including rural, community, and academic center practitioners. 

We hope to provide opportunities to learn about advances in cancer research from investigators at the NCI and to gain a deeper understanding of the patient experience by hearing insights of individuals living with cancer (as well as those caring for them). In turn, we ask that you bring your knowledge and expertise as a care provider along with a willingness to listen and learn as we embark on this unique endeavor of building this mutual learning community surrounding cancer care and research. 

Should you be interested in learning more, we would be happy to provide more information or to meet to discuss the partnership and any potential involvement in more detail.

Our Engagement with Researchers 

The NCI Cancer Community Partnership is interested in forming connections with researchers and scientists. We believe your presence in these conversations around cancer knowledge and care can help ensure a diverse range of voices contribute to conversations regarding all stages of research and patient experience

Participating in this mutual learning community will help gain a better understanding of the people whose lives are impacted by your work. As clinical, behavioral, or basic science researchers, these insights can provide personal motivation, inspire future laboratory discoveries, and continue to bridge the gap between the bench and bedside. 

You will also have the opportunity to share your research, a literature review, or a presentation on a topic of interest with the cancer community. These opportunities will strengthen your science communication skills as you present clear and concise information to lay and research audiences alike. 

Finally, you will have the opportunity to form lasting partnerships with people living with cancer, their care partners, and patient advocates that could help lead to incorporating patient voices into your future projects. 

If you are interested, we would be happy to provide you more information or to meet to discuss the partnership and your potential involvement in more detail

If you have additional questions and/or are interested in participating with the NCI Cancer Community Partnership, please email us at

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