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About the NCI Cancer Bulletin

The NCI Cancer Bulletin, an award-winning online newsletter published by the National Cancer Institute from January 2004 through January 2013, provided the latest news about cancer research, including research supported by NCI, other federal agencies, and institutions from across the nation and around the world.

The more than 5,000 news and feature articles published in the NCI Cancer Bulletin highlighted a broad range of cancer research. In addition to basic, translational, and clinical research findings, the Bulletin featured stories on advances in technology, clinical trials, profiles of cancer researchers, regulatory and legislative developments, and cancer drug approvals. The NCI Cancer Bulletin also highlighted resources available on NCI's website and broader issues relevant to the cancer community.

The NCI Cancer Bulletin’s special issues featured several in-depth stories, commentary from experts in the field, and a list of helpful resources all focused on a single topic—such as cancer screening, oncology nursing, and adolescent and young adult cancers.

In addition, NCI Cancer Bulletin articles on seven popular topics—communications, oncology nursing, survivorship, technology, advocacy, global health, and the NCI-designated cancer centers—are grouped into easy-to-find collections.

NCI Cancer Bulletin Archive

Each issue of the NCI Cancer Bulletin is available in the NIH Archive-It collection.

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