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carnosine/hibiscus-based oral mucoadhesive tablet
A plant-based formulation and food supplement composed of carnosine and hibiscus, with potential anti-xerostomia activity. These two ingredients are mixed in specific proportions to allow for the formation of a pH buffering system in the oral cavity which maintains the pH of the oral cavity at the desired value needed for the regular secretion of saliva. Upon administration of the mucoadhesive tablet, the tablet adheres to the internal side of the cheek and both carnosine and hibiscus are gradually released over a period of at least two hours, thereby creating a buffering system that stimulates the salivary glands and increases saliva production. This produces a protective film of moisture that is deposited over the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat and may relieve radiotherapy-induced xerostomia.

Synonym:oral mucoadhesive tablet
Foreign brand name:Aqualief