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bovine lactoferrin supplement
A supplement containing lactoferrin derived from bovine milk with potential chemopreventive, immunostimulating, and antimicrobial activity. Upon administration, lactoferrin binds to metal in the oral cavity and may prevent metal-induced oxidation of lipids. This may reduce the metallic taste and taste disturbances induced by certain metal-containing chemotherapeutics; metal-induced lipid oxidation, and the subsequent production of aldehydes and ketones attributed to the metallic smell. Lactoferrin, a glycoprotein belonging to the transferrin family of metal-binding proteins, can be found in milk and other secretory fluids as well as in polymorphonuclear cells and leukocytes; lactoferrin plays a role in the innate defense of mucosal surfaces and its iron-binding activity is associated with the antibacterial activity.

Synonym:bLF supplement