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DNA minor groove binding agent SG2000
A sequence-selective pyrrolobenzodiazepine (PBD) dimer with potential antineoplastic activity. Following intravenous administration, DNA minor groove binding agent SG2000 preferentially and covalently binds to purine-GATC-pyrimidine sequences, with the imine/carbinolamine moieties of SG2000 binding to the N2 positions of guanines on opposite strands of DNA. This induces interstrand cross-links and inhibits both DNA replication and gene transcription, which leads to the inhibition of cell growth. With a preference for binding to purine-GATC-pyrimidine sequences, SG2000 adducts do not appear to be susceptible to p53-mediated DNA excision repair. Check for active clinical trials using this agent. (NCI Thesaurus)

Code name:BN2629
NSC 694501
Chemical structure:
  • (11aS,11a'S)-8,8'-(propane-1,3-diylbis(oxy))bis(7-methoxy-2-methylene-2,3-dihydro-1H-benzo[e]pyrrolo[1,2-a][1,4]diazepin-5(11aH)-one)
  • 8,8'-[[(propane-1,3-diyl)dioxy]bis[(11aS)-7-methoxy-2-methylidene-1,2,3,11a-tetrahydro-5H-pyrrolo[2,1-c][1,4]benzodiazepin-5-one]