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LV.IL-2/B7.1-transduced AML blast vaccine
A whole-cell cancer vaccine, containing human acute myeloid leukemic (AML) blasts that have been genetically engineered to express a B7.1/IIL-2 fusion protein encoded by a self-inactivating lentiviral vector (LV), with potential antineoplastic and immunomodulating activities. Upon administration, LV.IL-2/B7.1-transduced AML blast vaccine may stimulate a host cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) response against AML cells. The single fusion protein encoded by the LV is postsynthetically cleaved to produce biologically active membrane-anchored B7.1 and secreted IL-2 in AML blasts; combined expression of IL-2 and the co-stimulatory molecule B7.1 by AML blasts may increase stimulation of both allogeneic and autologous cytotoxic T cells. Check for active clinical trials using this agent. (NCI Thesaurus)

Synonym:lentivirus-transduced AML blasts expressing B7.1 and IL-2
Code name:RFUSIN2-AML1