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Patient Information
A synthetic, nonsteroidal agent with antiandrogenic properties. Nilutamide preferentially binds to androgen receptors and blocks androgen receptor activation by testosterone and other androgens; this agent may inhibit androgen-dependent growth of normal and neoplastic prostate cells. Check for active clinical trials using this agent. (NCI Thesaurus)

US brand name:Nilandron
Foreign brand name:Anandron
Code name:RU-23908
Chemical structure:
  • 1-(3'-Trifluoromethyl-4'-nitrophenyl)-4,4-dimethylimidazoline-3,5-dione
  • 5,5-Dimethyl-3-[4-nitro-3-(trifluoro-methyl)phenyl]-2,4-imidazolidinedione