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technetium Tc 99m methylene diphosphonate
A radiopharmaceutical containing methylene diphosphonate (medronate; MDP) complexed with the gamma-emitting radionuclide technetium Tc 99m with radioisotopic activity and hydroxyapatite affinity. Upon intravenous administration, skeletal uptake of technetium Tc 99m methylene diphosphonate occurs as a function of skeletal blood flow and osteogenic activity. The MDP moiety of this agent has affinity for hydroxyapatite crystals in bone with abnormal accumulation at sites with increased osteoid mineralization; labeling of MDP with Tc 99m allows scinitgraphic imaging of areas of abnormal osteogenesis associated with malignant bone lesions. Check for active clinical trials using this agent. (NCI Thesaurus)

Synonym:technetium Tc 99m medronate
US brand name:TechneScan MDP