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Wnt-5a mimic hexapeptide foxy-5
A formylated, six amino acid, Wnt5a-derived peptide and wnt-5a mimetic with potential anti-metastatic activity. Upon intravenous administration, Wnt-5a mimic hexapeptide foxy-5 binds to and activates the wnt-5a receptors, Frizzled-2 and -5, which activates wnt-5a-mediated signaling. Increased wnt-5a signaling may inhibit endothelial tumor cell migration and invasion. This may decrease metastasis of susceptible tumor cells. However, foxy-5 does not affect tumor cell proliferation or apoptosis. Foxy-5 lacks a heparan sulfate-binding domain and contains a formyl group on its NH2-terminal methionine residue which decreases in vivo degradation. Decreased expression of wnt-5a protein is associated with increased motility of certain tumor cell types. Check for active clinical trials using this agent. (NCI Thesaurus)

Code name:foxy-5