NCI Drug Dictionary

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The NCI Drug Dictionary contains technical definitions and synonyms for drugs/agents used to treat patients with cancer or conditions related to cancer. Each drug entry includes links to check for clinical trials listed in NCI's List of Cancer Clinical Trials.

MET tyrosine kinase inhibitor SAR125844
An inhibitor of the proto-oncogene c-Met (also known as hepatocyte growth factor receptor [HGFR]) with potential antineoplastic activity. Upon intravenous administration, c-Met inhibitor SAR125844 binds to c-Met, thereby disrupting c-Met-mediated signal transduction pathways. This may result in cell growth inhibition in tumors that overexpress c-Met. c-Met, a receptor tyrosine kinase overexpressed or mutated in a variety of cancers, plays an important role in tumor cell proliferation, survival, invasion, metastasis and tumor angiogenesis. Check for active clinical trials using this agent. (NCI Thesaurus)

Code name:SAR125844