NCI Drug Dictionary

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The NCI Drug Dictionary contains technical definitions and synonyms for drugs/agents used to treat patients with cancer or conditions related to cancer. Each drug entry includes links to check for clinical trials listed in NCI's List of Cancer Clinical Trials.

Hsp70-peptide TKD/IL-2-activated autologous natural killer cells
A preparation of autologous natural killer (NK) cells that are stimulated ex vivo by a 14-mer heat shock protein 70 (Hsp70) TKD peptide and interleukin-2 (IL-2), with potential tumor-selective cytolytic activity. Upon re-infusion into the patient, the treated NK cells recognize and bind to Hsp70-expressing tumor cells, which induces NK-mediated tumor cell lysis. Hsp70, a membrane-bound, stress-inducible protein, is overexpressed on almost all tumor cells; however, it is absent or minimally present on normal, healthy cells. TKD is the C-terminal substrate-binding domain of Hsp70 and is the structure recognized by the activated NK cells. Check for active clinical trials using this agent. (NCI Thesaurus)

Synonym:Hsp70-peptide TKD/IL-2-activated autologous NK cells